Web Design

Homepage for ehponline.org home of Environmental Health Perspectives. 
Website redesigned for both a new look and to function with a new database architecture.

Previous ehponline.org design that unified the look of all the EHP sites.

CP&L internal e-commerce site to sale off old CP&L inventory for their switch to become Progress Energy.
Website won National ASI 2001 Spirit Award for Best Client Catalog.

Category selection screen.

Internal e-commerce website for Progress Energy's new merchandise. A heavy emphasis on the companies new logo was requested.  
Item selection screen. Category selector on the bottom of the page.
Item purchase screen.
E-commerce website for Farm Bureau.

Item selection screen.
Item purchase screen.

E-wards website created for GE Mortgage Insurance for internal sales promotions. Mortgage brokers were awarded e-points for sales and could purchase items with their points. The site was focused on women since 95% of the sales force was female.

Level selection screen. Levels were based on point amounts.

Level 2 item selection screen.
Website redesigned after the program was relaunched with new items and new rewards added.