Breach & Clear

Breach & Clear for PC

Breach & Clear: Deadline for PC

Animated After Effects mockup for Ghost Recon X menu screens with rain FX
3d/After Effects animated mockup of a tactical map for Ghost Recon X.

3d/After Effects mockup for Ubisoft Logo entry for Ghost Recon X

3D animated mockup of deforested burning jungle behind the menu screen.

3d animated mockup of wet rainy jungle behind the menu screen.

3d animated mockup of menu progression moving through the jungle.
Animated mockup created in After Effects to display functionality of an in game patch editor.
Achievement Icons made to resemble Army patches.
3d renders for in game medals that represented XP gains.
Ghost Recon X HUD with unneeded elements hidden.
Fully expanded Ghost Recon X game HUD.
One of the more complicated customization screens for Ghost Recon X.
Early screen concept for a Pop-Up window for Ghost Recon X.
Last iteration of the Menu design for Ghost Recon X game.

Ghost Recon X

Weapon Customization screen for Ghost Recon X.